15 thoughts on “All I can say

    • Haha, I was just playin. I just don’t know how accurate what you know is. I debated on this post because of what it “says” about me, but ultimately I figured why deny what it’s like to be human; maybe this post will inspire others to just dance through it. That’s what my life has become all about.

    • It doesn’t matter how accurate I am, and I haven’t tried to peg you, so to speak. I seem to be getting a sense of you, and likely know little or next to nothing about you. I’m guessing, based on what you’ve presented, how you’ve presented it, and your comments.
      As to denying what it’s like to be human, the human experience isn’t the same for all of us, though we ultimately want the same things. You already know this.
      The thinking human hurts more than the one who sits in the chair of mediocrity, ignorance and/or blindness. It’s tough being real.
      You dance, I laugh. Oh, and I dance, too. :)

  1. Very, very sweet and kind of you to say. It’s a good feeling, crushes my chest a little. I agree – thinking humans are hard to find, not just sometimes, all the time. This is why we are such misfits, if I may speak for you, too?

    • I like that you ask after you do, it shows courage; however, labels are not for me, too many connotations with such things. Besides, misfits often fit better than “right”-fits, haha.

    • Language is inadequate at times. I used “misfit” because of a lack of any other way of expressing what I think, intuitively.
      How dare you suggest I have courage, when you’re unable to accept any kind of label? :D

    • Hahaha, I didn’t say you’re courageous; just saying, based on what you’ve presented, how you’ve presented it, and your comments… I’m guessing, heh heh heh.

  2. If only nations could converse in a similar manner as you two! There were over 12 potential conflicts diverted here!

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