6 thoughts on “Stating my metaphorical asshole,

    • That’s awesome; I love groups like that. They’re hard to find though. But then, I probably don’t know how to use Facebook well enough, haha. WordPress is simply more my style. Though when I made this post I couldn’t help but say to myself, “Eh, it’s really all about the ‘friends’ you have.” So yeah, I titled it accordingly…

  1. I’m in the process of deactivating my FB for the third and final time. Here, there are plenty of thinkers, readers and writers. There, there are so many typists, whiners and dawdlers. Too much small talk and not enough substance. Both are generalizations, of course. I have no wish to be part of someone’s collection of 500 friends. How can anyone have more than 10 friends, real friends? If I died, no one on FB would even know it. No one really gives a shit. Whatever goes on over there, I’m against it. :D Ultimately, WP is more than way cooler than FB. FB is for pansies.

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