A bit more to it.

While living in the world, it helps to accept the circumstances that befall you. However, acceptance is not all there is to it; acceptance by itself is rather depressing. Take this acceptance further and turn it into agape. Agape is not a far-reaching theological construct, though it has been used as this. Agape is all about the love you have. Instead of just accepting your circumstances, try loving your circumstances. Instead of just accepting others, try loving others. This unconditional love for existence is all there is to it. Then you’ll notice a change in you, in others, and in the world. Then it’ll be hard to knock you out of peace.

4 thoughts on “A bit more to it.

    • Perhaps. I don’t know a lot about Nietzsche, but I have noticed an overall lack of original material in the minds of man, makes me wonder how limitless our understanding is, or how limitless it needs to be, huh? Thanks for reading, I enjoy your insight.

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