The doctor asked me if I smoke. I said, “Yeah, but I take the filter’s off of organic cigarettes, so it’s healthier.”

He didn’t agree…

5 thoughts on “Cigasafe

  1. I quit smoking a few years ago–not for any of the standard reasons (like everybody, I secretly believe myself to be invulnerable), but because I had literally no control over my addiction. Everything I did had to be factored against my need for nicotine. A buddy of mine smokes one or two cigarettes a day. If I could do that, I think I’d still be smoking.

    Loved the photo. I’ll tell you this. If I ever find out I have a year or less to live, I’m running right down to the smoke shop and picking myself up a pack of American Spirit yellows.

    • Hahaha, good for you quitting then. I’m down to four a day, though some days I could smoke 8. I use it to exercise my will power, I remember a time when I bought cigarettes over bread. When I realized I only weighed 114 lbs, I figured it was time to change something, heh heh.

      American Spirits are awesome, without the filter though, they taste funny otherwise. They’re more about the tobacco than the profit, I like that.

      Glad you enjoyed the pic man.

  2. I have had that discussion with a doctor, he must of went to the same school as yours, but I can tell a differnce, between, the organic and the maistream cigarettes, one smells like leaves the other paint thinner. Thanks for stopping by glad to be in company with so many like minds, Peace and Love to You, and all yours, J.A.M.

    • Haha, definitely. If you’re going to smoke, at least smoke something that hasn’t been broken down and put back together with extra chemicals that don’t need to be there.

      Likewise, I’m glad each and every time I find another that hasn’t separated themselves from the reality we all belong to.

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